About Me

I like French toast, cigarettes, and cuffed pants. I think friendly cats are pretty radical, just like Fonzie and the summer of love. I think about death a lot. Also a good rocking chair is nice.

Personal Email: jessewestburg2@gmail.com

School Email: jkw114@txstate.edu

The Matinee Moviegoer

I’m Jesse Westburg and I’m an independent writer, videographer, and editor. I’ve been writing movie reviews for over a year via the Matinee Moviegoer site you find yourself on. I also work under contract at the Tree of Life Church covering events and editing footage.

In all honesty I made this for school but I truly do love doing this. I aspire to one day be filmmaker, but the more I learn about the industry the more I realize I would be content working wherever. From grip to scriptwriter, as long as I can be a part of movie making process I’d be happy.

So While I may be no Roger Ebert, I enjoy writing and delving into every aspect of a movie because the more I understand movies the more of my craft I know. Lastly, I believe movies are art. The better you understand art, in my opinion, the better you understand people and the world around you.

The Matinee Moviegoer

What I Do

Discussions: Another thing I do here is what I call discussions. I called it “variety hour” in my prelude post, but it’s the same thing. Basically it more of an analytical look at a movie rather than a straightforward review. Perhaps I’ll compare two movies and discuss the similarities and differences. Or maybe I’ll delve into the intricacies of the movie, without regards to spoilers in an attempt to shed light on what the intent of the filmmakers actually was. (Ex. My Big Lebowski post)

Reviews: so obviously I review movies. But I don’t review movies in a traditional sense. Usually it’s movies I like rather than new releases, so as to find my own voice rather than just rewrite what everyone else has already said. They do tend to be a little longer than say a rotten tomatoes review but I try to make them somewhat manageable. I also don’t like ratings, so most of the time they’re just joke numbers.