Life of Pi Review

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. There wasn’t an aspect, scene or decision in this movie I didn’t like. Literally, the music, acting, dialogue, visuals, writing, and story, this was a beautiful movie. And per usual, when I like a movie this much ill hush about what exactly I loved about it.

Let’s start with the performances. Both Suraj Sharma and Irrfan Khan play Pi masterfully. When the movie opens Khan’s acting conjures a Pi that is clearly wise and seasoned with life. He is brimming with knowledge and, from his portrayal alone, made me believe that his story was all that it was hyped up to be. And Sharma delivers that masterfully as the young Pi. He is innocent and ignorant before and immediately after the shipwreck, but through his journey we get to experience a young man spiritually grow and become a survivor. It’s is almost magical and I loved the character and portrayal of Pi.

The movie also has some serious spectacle. I know that the word spectacle can (and often does) relate to a movie’s over attention to visuals as opposed to story. However, the movie is allowed to be filled with spectacle because it is telling a spectacular story. Scenes like the ship sinking, the sundown refection on the water, and the jellyfish lighting the night, all are beautiful but serve a greater purpose. They visually illustrate the connection Pi makes between them and God. Whether they be storms of flying fish, each is a moment that would cement Pi’s faith, and in turn facilitate the story the movie is telling. And yeah, the movie is gorgeous, one of the most beautiful I’ve probably ever seen.

Following with the graphic and spectacle of the movie, the graphic design and GFX behind Richard Parker was phenomenal. Sure some scenes are clearly CG, but for the most part the tiger looks scarily real. I don’t know how long it took to make Richard Parker or all the research it took to make him look accurate, but regardless he was awesome to see. Also quick shout out agin to Sharma for having to act next to a fake tiger and make it convincing, kudos man.

Lastly, I love the way Pi approaches faith. I liked as a child how he would pick and choose aspect of different religions that brought him closer to his idea of God. It’s a curious take on faith, and one that I found extremely enlightened. To me, I sometimes we all pray and worship the same God. We just have different names for God and different ways of showing our faith. But the idea that it is all connected made me look deep down and reevaluate what I believe in, which is something I can’t say every movie can do.

This movie was incredible. I loved it and am planning the right time to watch it again. I give it 10 zoos out of 10 .


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