At Eternity’s Gate: A Painting In Motion

Recently I was asked what the most beautiful movie I’ve ever seen was. And while obvious answers like 1917 and Blade Runner: 2049 were on my mind, my immediate response was At Eternity’s Gate. This “biopic”, if you categorize it as such, follows Vincent Van Gogh in the last two productive yet tumultuous years of his life, from leaving Paris in 1888 to his blurred death in 1890.

Never have I been as awestruck or shaken by a movie. To watch At Eternity’s Gate is not only to peer into the magnificent and unrestrained works of Van Gogh, but to catch a glimpse of the troubled mind that paints them. The only way to describe this frenzied movie is the process of painting brought to film. It serves less as a retelling of history but more as a means to delve into the man that is Van Gogh.

Buckle up, dear reader, because in this installment of Matinee Moviegoer we analyze the original archetype of the troubled artist. Headfirst we dive into the artistry of Van Gogh. I will spoil as little as possible as I hope you will watch this movie for yourself. It is a testament to the beauty of the world, and made for those who revel in it’s beauty