Surfs Up: Better Than You Remember

Synopsis and Summary

After Surf’s Up

Open in Shiverpool, Antarctica, a barren wasteland where ice symbolizes oppression. It’s here we meet Cody, the self interested surf loving penguin. It’s also here in the beginning that the documentary style shies.

Through interviews with the residents of Shiverpool, we learn that Cody has a family that doesn’t believe in him, and that his home has no future. He doesn’t want to be eaten while sorting fish or sitting on an egg, he wants to pursue his dreams.

I’m just gonna say it Cody’s kind of an asshole. It’s uncanny how similar Shia LaBeouf is to his penguin counterpart, in that they come across as jerks. Cody’s plight is understandable, but for the first half of the movie his brazen actions are so so so unlikable. Like bruh chill.

Moving along we learn that the camera crew is there to film the recruitment of surfers across the globe for the Big Z Memorial surfing contest. Big Z being Cody’s idol, and surfing’s greatest penguin until he met his tragic fate shredding waves.

After meeting Chicken Jo-the classic stoner guy-our heroes journey to Hawaii to compete in the surfing competition. Before that however Cody meets two important people. The first being Lani, the lifeguard on the beach and Cody’s love interest. Lani is badass. She’s voiced by Zoey Deschanel, who is so charming and adorable while also being capable and integral to the story. The second is… TANK!

Tank is our one dimensional antagonist. He’s a narcissistic trophy fixated heavy. And of course he and Cody punch on as soon as they meet. Like a dunce Cody challenges Tank to a surf off and humiliates himself in front of the whole beach. He also steps on the worlds most hilarious sea Urchin (Here he is he’s funny)

Anyways Lani takes Cody to see Geek, who is quite literally The Dude as a penguin. Geek pees on Cody and after Cody comes to, he is turned away by Geek. But when Lani convinces him to go back to Cody, debauchery ensues and they both end up on a secluded beach with a lone hut.

then in an unsurprising yet tasteful scene it’s revealed that Geek is actually Big Z. What!? After this, an infatuated Cody begs Z for his tutelage, and a reluctant Z agrees. Act 2 baybe!


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