Surfs Up: Better Than You Remember

Final Thoughts and Verdict

If you couldn’t tell, this movie holds a special place in my heart. I’ve loved this movie since it came out, and I have fond memories watching the movie with my brother on road trips. Needless to say this movie left an indelible mark on my soul.

In regards to plot, Surf’s up is fairly mediocre. Like I said in the beginning, the movie parodies surfing documentaries and other surf party movies. So it’s to be expected that nothing relatively groundbreaking is going to be happening. That being said, it is serviceable.

The soundtrack is cool as shit. It consists of punk rock and beach vibe tracks that work to great effect at conveying or invoking emotion. I mean it’s got two Green Day songs within the first fifteen minutes, what more do you want.

The Characters are a mixed bag for me. Z and Chicken Jo are some of my favorite animated characters, while Tank and the little asshat Cody annoy me. If could change anything, I would’ve given Tank more time for some development, and I would have given Cody less lines so he seems like less of a chump. Keep Chicken Jo the same though. Too much of a good thing is probably a bad thing…

Surf’s Up is a pure and entertaining animated film. It’s no tour de force, but it’s beautiful in it’s own right. The humor is witty, The animation is clean, and the cinematography is fresh. The characters are strong enough to keep you watching, and the soundtrack is both surf and skate friendly.

1 outta 1.5 surfboards.


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