Raging Bull: Fighting Your Demons

I’ve watched plenty of awful shit while being confined to my house. I’ve subjected myself to all four Pierce Brosnan Bond movies, Spencer Confidential, and The Green Hornet (the 2011 one) just to name a few. And while it’s fun to watch the occasional hilariously awful movie, I needed to cleanse my pallet.

In classic pretentious movie connoisseur fashion I turned to Martin Scorsese. And while I was overjoyed to see Taxi Driver back on Netflix, I figured a second post would be unnecessary. And you don’t need me to tell you that The Wolf of Wall street and Goodfellas are fantastic, everyone else already has.

Then I had an epiphany. Well it was less of an epiphany and more of a, “Hey look Raging Bull is on Netflix…any.” So, I was able to satisfy my need to watch a Scorsese film while simultaneously satisfying my need to review something most people won’t immediately recognize.

I’ll try not to spoil much, similar to my last review, as this is a movie that deserves to be seen. As much as I’d like to pick apart every scene that would ultimately be a disservice to you and the movie. Just watch it please.


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