A Knight’s Tale

As a kid my brother and I had an obsession with knights. We loved everything about them: the armor, the fighting, the glory, all of it. I can still remember some of the imaginary adventures we set out on; the only difference between us and a real knight being our armor was plastic.

Even when not galavanting in the backyard, we “retained” our knighthood. We adorned our rooms with banners and shields (hell at one point my brother had outlet covers that had knights on them). We studied William Marshall, Richard the Lionhearted, and of course King Arthur and his round table of knights.

But perhaps the most illuminating—certainly the most influential—piece of knight media we drew from was the 2001 Heath Ledger led: A Knight’s Tale. Indeed, from the well of information at our disposal we believed this zany romp to be the example of the peak of knightliness.

This movie’s got everything a young knight loving boy could want. You got jousting. You got sword-fighting. You got Princesses. You got a 70’s Rock and Roll soundtrack. You got jousting. And of course, you got some knights.

Join me, as I take a nostalgia induced look at: A Knight’s Tale. Since this movie came out the year I was born, I’m gonna spoil stuff. I figure that abides by the code of Chivalry. Hehe.


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