A Knight’s Tale

A Brief Synopsis

William Thatcher (Heath ledger) is a squire for a knight and nobleman Sir Hector. After Hector dies in a tournament, William dons his armor and jousts in his place. Having now a taste for glory, William convinces his fellow squires Wat (Alan Tudyk) and Ronald (Mark Addy) to help him continue the charade

With further help from writer, poet, and eccentric Geoffrey Chaucer (Paul Bettany) and blacksmith Kate (Laura Fraser) William begins to enter tournaments both in Jousting and Sword-fighting as Ulrich von Liechtenstein. This new persona hides his past and grants him nobility (and a means to compete).

While on his quest for glory and fame William meets princess Jocelyn (Shannyn Sossamon) and a budding love grows between the two. William also meets Count Adhemar (Rufus Sewell), and a rivalry forms as they compete in and out of jousting tournaments for Jocelyn.

William decides to focus solely on Jousting, as that is where the real money and fame lie. While Adhemar goes off to war William wins many events, making a name for himself. This simultaneously catches the eye of Jocelyn and Adhemar, with the former falling in love and the latter furthering his contempt.

This comes to a head as Adhemar exposes William in what are essentially the Knight Playoffs. William is arrested for faking his noble lineage and Adhemar has his moment to gloat. However, William had earlier met and in fact won favor with Prince Edward (like the future king) who upon hearing of William’s arrest, freed and knighted him.

Now being knighted as Sir. William Thatcher, the ultimate showdown against Adhemar begins. After being severely wounded due to Adhemar’s desperate cheating, William sheds his armor. Riding with only a Lance, William shout shouts his name and in a moment of triumph knocks Adhemar off his horse right on his back (something no one had done to Adhemar before).

The gang stands over a dazed Adhemar and absolutely flame his ass with a callback. Then Jocelyn and William share a passionate kiss; with Queen’s We Are The Champions playing the background fades into credits.


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