I Watched All the (Brosnan) James Bond Bond Movies So You Didn’t Have To

So I did a thing. I, on an desultory whim, decided to watch every and all Pierce Brosnan James Bond movie. And sure there’s only four of them, but watching them back to back to back to back is a harrowing experience. I honestly thought I might not come out with my sanity intact. Luckily I was able to emerge. Like a phoenix. A horribly scarred and changed phoenix.

Okay I might be making these movies seem worse than they actually are but I’m merely dramatizing my very real reaction to them. I had fun laughing at how ridiculous they were but attempting to take them seriously hurt my brain and my heart.

However, there are some qualities in each that are somewhat redeemable, or at the very least acceptable. So, stir you vodka and vermouth, throw in a lime, and join me as I sift through the garbage.