I Watched All the (Brosnan) James Bond Bond Movies So You Didn’t Have To


To conclude I want to briefly touch on the best two parts of these films.

The first is Desmond Llewelyn as Q. He had been Q since Connery was Bond and his energetic somewhat aloof performance is enduring and lovable. He breathes life into every scene he was in. I can’t help but smiling as he shows off each of the crazy gadgets Bond will be using. His surprisingly youthful energy was absolutely charming, and sorely missed in Die Another Day

The second is Judy Dench as M. Until this point M had always been a man, but I am not alone in saying she made M iconic. Her performance is incredible, portraying both a tough as nails director yet also very human. She may try and show otherwise but she cares for her agents, adding much needed character to the character

I understand now why these movies nearly ended the Bond franchise. I still don’t understand why people like GoldenEye as much as they do, but I can at the very least appreciate the few great aspects of it. As for the rest, they are convoluted, idiotic, and awfully written. They not only tarnish the Bond name but movie making in general. Throw em in the bin.



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